What is difference between food chain and food web

What is difference between food chain and food web l definition and examples of food chain l definition and examples of food web.

As you know that basic requirements for self-sustaining ecosystem are inorganic nutrients, producers and a continuous supply of energy. They beautify the ecosystem. The important biological principles food chains food webs, flow of energy, habitat, keystone species help in the formation of ecosystem.

What is difference between food chain and food web

What is difference between food chain and food web

How does a food chain differ from a food web?, when you compare between food chain and food web, food chains is a food relationship between a series of different organisms each of which eats the previous one and is eaten by the succeeding one while various interlink food chains in a community constitute food web or food cycle, a food web includes all the the feeding relationships in an ecosystem.

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Hi guys in this article we know about definition of food chains and food webs with examples and compare / differences contrast and list 5 important differences between food chain and food web.

Definition of food chains

Definition of food chains:- The process of food relationship between a series of different organism each of which eats the previous one and is eaten up by the succeeding one, it transfer materials and energy as flow through organisms of in ecosystem, organisms serve as prey or predator or both in the food chains. Food chains occur in all organisms.
For example:- Grass — grasshopper — frog — snake

Food chain diagram

Food chain diagram

Definition of food webs

Definition of food webs:- Food chains are not strictly linear they have branches type link one food chain with another, there may be several interlinked food chains in a community and one animal may be a link in more than one food chains, the process of interlink a network of food chain in a community is called food webs, food webs includes all the feeding relationships in ecosystem. For example food Web in a pond

What is difference between food chains and food webs

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Regarding this, “what is difference between food chains and food webs”, as the transfer of food energy from the producers through a series of organisms herbivores to coronavirus to decomposers with repeated eating and being eaten is known as food chain whereas foot webs can be defined as a network of food chains which are interconnected at various trophic levels so as to form a number of feeding connection among different organisms of a biotic community.

Comparison/ List the 5 main differences between food chain and food web are as follows:-

Food chains:-

1. Food chains in which organism in ecosystem are group inton trophic levels and our link in the succession to represent the linear flow of food energy and the feeding relationship between them is called food chain.

2. Food chain is a linear pathway of energy flow from one organism to another organisms.

3. It is is made of single unit.

4. It is consist of four to six trophic levels.

5. A member of of a higher trophic level feed upon a single type of organism in its lower trophic level

6. A disturbance on a single trophic level in a food chain disturbs the the whole food pathway

7. Food chain increases the in stability of an ecosystems.

8. Not improved adaptability and competitiveness of organisms in the different pathway of food chain.

9. In food chains separate and isolated food chains increase the in stability of ecosystem.

10. Starvation is observed whenever the member of lower trophic levels decrease in the number in food chain.

11. Food chain are two types grazing food chain and detritus food chain.

Food webs:

1. Food web is a graphical model showing the interconnecting food chains in ecological community.

2. It consists of of a number of interconnected pathways fruit which the energy flows through different food chain within an ecosystem.

3. Food web is a collection of of several interconnected food chains.

4. It consists of of numerous trophic levels in the networking of food chain.

5. A member of higher trophic level can feed upon several types of organisms in its lower trophic level.

6. A disturbance on single organism in food wave does not disturb the whole food web.

7. Food webs increases the stability of an ecosystems

8. It improves the adaptability and competitiveness of organisms.

9. Food webs stability of ecosystem increases by the presence of complex food webs.

10. Food webs do not allow starvation and help in increasing the population of endangered species.

11. There is not such type in food web.


Understanding the food chain and food web is vital, as it explains the relationship between organisms in an ecosystem. It shows how one organism is dependent upon another for survival.

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