Difference between zona pellucida and corona radiata

What is the difference between zona pellucida and corona radiata?/ distinguish/ comparison/ distinguish verses/ differ from/ between zona pellucida and corona radiata

Difference between zona pellucida and corona radiata

Difference between zona pellucida and corona radiata

You are familiar with two words zona pellucida and corona radiata, zona pellucida is a thick membrane of which function to only allow species-specific fertilization to prevent polyspermy and acrosome reaction, the corona radiata is the innermost layer of the cells of the cumulus oophorus and it directly adjacent to the zona pellucida the inner protective glycoprotein layers of the ovum and corona radiata main function is to supply vital protein to the cell.

What is zona pellucida and corona radiata?

Zona pellucida is the thick non-cellular, made of glyco protein layer surrounding the plasma membrane of mammalian oocytes, it is a vital constitutive part of the oocytes and secreted by both oocytes and ovarian follicles follicles while corona radiata is define as the surrounding layer of zona pellucida made of glycoprotein and composed of cells that care for the egg when it is emitted from the ovary.

What is the difference between zone pellucida and corona radiata?

This question is very important for class 12th biology students those who are preparing for CBSE board/ state board and other competitive medical neet examinations.

Key differences between zona pellucida and corona radiata is the the zona pellucida is inner thick non-cellular, made of glycoprotein, transparent layer that surrounding the secondary oocyte and prevents the entry of more than one sperm into ovum while corona radiata is the outer thick layer made of multiple layer of granulosa cell that surround outer to zona pellucida of  secondary oocyte and it provides protection and protein to ovum.

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Zona pellucida verses Corona radiata

List three differences/ how do you compare/ zona pellucida versus corona radiata/ distinguish/ differentiate between zona pellucida and coronaradiata / zona pellucida differ from coronaradiata all the following ways:-
1. Zona pellucida is a relatively thick extracellular glycoprotein coat that surrounds a mature ovum whereas corona radiata is a thick outer layer of granulosa cells that surrounded zona pellucida

2. Zona pellucida prevents entry of additional sperms to the ovule while corona radiata protects the ovum and provides protein to the ovum.

3. Zona pellucida surrounds the plasma membrane of the ovum while corona radiata surrounds the zona pellucida.

4. Zona pellucida composition is glycoprotein while corona radiata composition is made of cells.

5. Zona pellucida is inner thick and transparent layer surrounding the secondary oocyte while corona radiata is the outer thick layer surrounding the secondary oocyte.

6. Zona pellucida is a non cellular layer while corona radiata is a cellular layer.

7. Zona pellucida is digested by zona lysin or acrosin at the time of fertilization while corona radiata is digested by hyaluronidase enzymes at the time of fertilization.

Hence the important difference between zona pellucida and coronaradiata is that zona pellucida is retained for more time after fertilization till the ovum gets implanted in the uterus while corona radiata is retained till the ovum gets fertilized.

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