How many calories and carbohydrate are in banana

hi guys in this article we know about how many calories and carbohydrate are in banana. As we know that Banana is very nutritious food found all over the world. The person who are athletics playing games like badminton running jumping football cricket long tennis they require extra amount of energy, for the instant supply of energy they have to take banana one of energy providing food. People wonder and asking how many calories in a banana, it has simple answer 100 grams of Banana provides 89 calories.

How many calories and carbohydrate are in banana

How many calories and carbohydrate are in banana

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How many calories in a banana

Banana fruits are taken raw and vegetables and when it ripen, ripened Banana is very tasty and nutritious for us. Banana used to make many dishes like Banana Boat, bread cake, chipp, flour and milkshake and so many dishes. Banana calories depends on size and weight of banana. Banana calories ranging between 72 -135 calories per banana according to their size. And banana calories in one is about 89 calories. Usually banana calories content of hundred grams of Banana provide us about 89 calories. Banana have different size like extra small size of banana provide us about 72 Calories, a small size of Banana provide us about 90 calorie energy and medium size of Banana provide us about 105 calories and large size banana provide us 121 Calories and extra large banana provide 135 calories.

Banana milkshake calories

Banana is used to make so many dishes like milkshake which is made of milk icecream banana and some amount of sugar. Milkshake is also a good source of instant source of energy. One glass of banana milkshake calorie is about 305 Calories and about 50 grams of carbohydrates 5.8 gram of protein and 2.3 gram of fibre.

How many calories and carbohydrate are in banana

How many calories and carbohydrate are in banana

Banana chips calories

Banana chips is also used as instant source of energy it is provided as a snake material and have higher amount of carbohydrate and 100 grams of banana chips calories are about 515 calories. And banana chips have about 75 gram of carbohydrate.

Carbohydrate content of banana

The person who are working and doing exercise playing games athletics running jumping need extra amount of energy. And Banana is a rich source of carbohydrate. Unripe Banana is also taken as vegetables and making so many dishes.

Unripe banana consists of starch and complex sugar but ripe banana is very delicious and content of simple sugar glucose Fructose and sucrose carbohydrate.

100 gram of banana have 23 gram of carbohydrate ,12 gram of simple sugar and 2.6 gram of dietary fibre. And their carbohydrate content of Banana is also depend on size of banana. If Banana is smaller it has less content of carbohydrate if Banana is more heavier it has more amount of carbohydrate.

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banana nutrition value

Banana nutrition value is excellent because it content rich source of carbohydrate and simple sugar like glucose and fructose and sucrose but it have also a rich source of vitamin and mineral composition and rich source of vitamin B6 and Vitamin C and trace amount of Vitamin A also. And mineral composition of banana have good amount of potassium and sodium.

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