Nutrition value for eggs: calories, protein, vitamins and more

in this article you know about nutrition value for eggs: calories, protein, vitamins and more. Many people wonder and want to know nutrition information in eggs, eggs nutrition facts consists of protein, fats high amount of calories, vitamins like vitamin A, Vitamin D, vitamin B12 Vitamin B6 and several minerals like calcium iron magnesium zinc potassium and good cholesterol in rich amount. Eggs is used for making many dishes like egg cury, egg bread ,egg roll, boiled egg and so more. Why people love eating eggs for breakfast. they are cheap, they are versatile they are packed with proteins good calorie, vitamins and good cholesterol.

Nutrition value for eggs: calories, protein, vitamins and more

Nutrition value for eggs: calories, protein, vitamins and more

Nutrition value for eggs

Nutrition value for eggs per 100 gram consist of providing rich amount of proteins, fats , vitamins , vital minerals ,cholesterol trace amount of Carbohydrate and simple sugar and dietary fibre. Eggs nutrition value are as follows containing 155 calorie of energy ,11 gram of fats containing saturated fats polyunsaturated fats and mono saturated fats, 373 Milligram of cholesterol, 124 milligrams sodium 126 milligram potassium calcium iron magnesium and Zinc minerals, vitamin content of eggs are consists of vitamin A , vitamin D ,vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12, eggs have rich content of protein that is 13 gram per hundred gram of boiled egg and have trace amount of Carbohydrates fibre and sugar present in eggs. nutritional value of eggs are excellent so people want to take eggs in morning breakfast because it consists of rich source of proteins that provide and strength their body throughout the day working time.

eggs protein content

We know that boiled egg is consist of two parts white part is known as egg albumin and yellow colour Central part that is known as egg yolk containing fats molecules. People know that white part of boiled egg is known as egg albumin have protein content and egg yolk part have only fats content. So there is a misconception arises because half of protein comes from egg yolk also. So people need to eat whole eggs and do not avoid to eat egg yolk part.

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Eggs protein content per hundred gram of boiled egg is about 13 gram of protein. Protein profile of eggs contain all essential amino acids. And we know that protein is necessary for body growth formation of muscles and bone and its development so people like the taking One egg in breakfast.

Eggs calories

People require average 2000 calories per day. Eating hundred gram of boil eggs provide us 155 calories energy by combustion of their fats molecule. egg calories per 100 gram is 155 calories of boiled eggs. It supplies a small amount of energy for your daily routine work. Egg yolk calories are about 55 calorie standard size of eggs. And egg white calories about 52 calorie 100 gram of eggs. Shauk bahut component of eggs white and yolk part provide us calorie. Learning and knowing the eggs Calories of boiled egg helps to balance your daily routine how much egg you should take daily minimum 3 standard size of x provide us 100 gram of food.

egg yolk nutrition

in Egg yolk nutrition we know that eggs yolk are the yellow part central of an egg. Nutritional value of egg yolk content high level of good cholesterol fats molecules like saturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats but also provide us vital nutrient and health benefit. nutritional content of an egg yolk depend on their size, origin, process and maturation of eggs and from which species eggs is developed.

1 standard large size of eggs provide us about 17 gram of egg yolk. Nutritional value of Egg yolks consist of 55 calories, 2.7 gram protein, 4.5 gram of fats ,184 milligram of cholesterol ,0.61 1 gram of carbohydrate, little sugar and not dietary fibre. Beside this egg yolk have rich amount of vitamins like Vitamin D vitamin A vitamin B12 Vitamin B6 vitamin B12 and Vitamin B2. And also egg yolk nutrient content vitals minerals like calcium Sodium Potassium iron zinc magnesium and phosphorus all are very necessary for good development of health.

Egg white nutrition

Egg white consists of rich source of protein and vital minerals like Sodium Potassium. Egg white consists of albumin protein having all essential amino acid. Egg white nutrition boiled having rich source of protein and they provide 52 calorie, 11 gram proteins, 166 milligrams sodium, 163 milligram potassium, 0.7 gram carbohydrate, 0.7 gram sugar, trace amount of fats, cholesterol and fibre. So egg white is best for nutrition purpose because it contains all vital nutrients.

Health benefits of eggs

As we know eggs nutrition value have rich source of protein which is necessary for development and growth of body formations of muscles and bones and the containing all types of essential amino acids

Some people avoid to eat egg yolk because of high amount of cholesterol that is more risk to heart disease. But eggs provide us good cholesterol and that are not responsible for heart related problem. HDL is known as high-density lipoprotein, or “good” cholesterol, absorbs cholesterol from body and carries it back to the liver. The liver then flushes it from the body. High levels of HDL cholesterol can lower your risk for heart disease and stroke. So people should not avoid eating egg yolk.

Eggs nutrition facts and health benefits detail about rich source of vitamin present in eggs. vitamins contents of egg are vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin A, Vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and Vitamin B2. We know that vitamins are required for normal function of our body it’s inhance our immunity ,prevent from damaging cells , skin bones gums teeth are healthy. Vitamin B12 is necessary for prevent from anaemia

Eggs nutrition facts and health benefits of in eggs provide us vital antioxidant compound like choline, lutein and zeaxanthin.choline compound present in egg act as antioxidant promote our brain and central nervous systems functions normally by releasing neurotransmitter acetylcholine and increase our memory and learning.lutein and zeaxanthin antioxidant present in eggs are required for eye health and they prevent from cataract formation and against muscular degeneration in Eyes.

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