Nutrition in lemon juices and Vitamin C in lemon

Study of nutrition in lemon juices and Vitamin C in lemon. hi guys in this article we know about nutrition in lemon uses and Vitamin C in lemon.

Nutrition in lemon juices

Many people want to know nutrition in lemon juices and what kind of vitamin present in lemon. Lemon is rich source of vitamin C and Vitamin B6. Lemon juice have little amount of proteins and fats . And about 10 gram of Carbohydrate and simple sugar containing soluble fibre like pectin.

Minerals like Sodium, Potassium and iron and some of bioactive antioxidant compound also present in lemon like citric acid, hesperidine,diosmin, ericitrin, D-limonene etc.

Vitamin C in a lemon act as antioxidant which prevent from us damaging of cell, enhancing immunity gum teeth and skin health. Vitamin in lemon are Vitamin C and Vitamin B6.

Nutrition in lemon juices and Vitamin C in lemon

Nutrition in lemon juices and Vitamin C in lemon

Vitamin C in lemon

Lemon is citrus fruits most popular throughout the world they grow on lemon trees and are hybrid of origin of citron and lime. Vitamin of lemon is vitamin C and Vitamin B6 and Lemon is great source of vitamin C,vitamin B6, fibres, Minerals and Essential oil .these fruits also have many potential health benefits of eating lemon may lower risk of heart disease, Heart Attack and stroke, cancer and kidney stone.

There are many ways to enjoy and eating lemons like lemon juices, prickles, as food garnish but there test very sour and usually not eaten alone or whole fruit. Vitamin of lemon is vitamin C and Vitamin B6.

Vitamin C found in lemon is water soluble vitamin it well known being act as potential antioxidant its effects on skin and good health and inhances immunity system, its Vital role for collagen synthesis ,connective tissues, bones teeth and a small blood vessels. human body cannot produce or restore Vitamin C ,therefore it is essential to consume regularly sufficient amount of one lemon per day.

Current daily value intake of Vitamin C in our body requirement is 90 milligram. People ask how much Vitamin C in lemon, we can simply says that one lemon of medium size provide us about 80 miligram of Vitamin C. So taking one lemon of medium size daily in your diet its cover about 90% of your daily Vitamin C intake and requirement.

Nutrition in lemon juices and Vitamin C in lemon

Nutrition in lemon juices and Vitamin C in lemon

People want to know is vitamin C in lemon?, yes lemon and lemon juices is rich source of vitamin C which is act as antioxidant and enhance our immunity function and prevent from damaging of cells. Deficiency of Vitamin C includes bleeding gums and infection, poor wound healing, anaemia and scurvy.

Nutrition facts of lemon

Lemon is highly nutritious fruits containing rich amount of Vitamin C vitamin, B6 ,carbohydrate 10% containing simple sugar like glucose fructose and water 88% and it’s provide lower amount of calorie only 29.

Nutritional facts of lemon is following

● calories —-29
● total fats—- 0.3 gram
● sodium — 2milligram
● potassium —– 138 milligram
● carbohydrate —9 gram
● sugar —- 2.5 gram
● dietary fibre — 2.8 gram
● protein —— 1.1 gram
● calcium ——-2%
● Vitamin C ——–88%
● iron ———-3%
● Vitamin B6 —– 5%
● magnesium —— 2%

Carbohydrates present in lemon

Lemon is not good source of carbohydrate but it containing about 10 gram of Carbohydrate and 2.5 gram of simple sugar like glucose ,fructose and sucrose.

Dietary fibre in lemon

Lemon is mainly consists of soluble dietary fibre formed of pectin material soluble in water. Lemon contain 2.8 gram amount of dietary fibre per hundred gram of lemon. Dietary fibre present in lemon helps in lowering blood sugar level, increasing metabolism rate and digestion and main function it is act as releasing constipation in stomach so lemon is known as pressure remover from stomach due to constipation.

Vitamins and minerals present in lemons

Vitamin of lemon is vitamin C vitamin B6 and their mineral composition is Potassium sodium magnesium and iron. Vitamin B6 well known it is group of Vitamin B complex and needed for converting and metabolism of Carbohydrate and lipid food into energy. And potassium helps in lowering blood pressure and positive effect on heart health, conduction of nerve impulses and contraction of muscles. As we know Iron is main component of hemoglobin formation in red blood cells and prevent from us anaemia.

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Lemon and lemon juice also provides bioactive compound which is act as antioxidant and have beneficial effects on cancer ,cardiovascular disease and inflammation. Bioactive compound present in lemon are citric acid,Hesperidine, Diosmin, Ericitrin and D-lemonene.

1) citric acid :- citric acid is organic acid present in rich amount in lemon and lemon juices and it help in prevent from formation of kidney stone inside kidney

2) Diosmin :- it is bioactive compound found in lemon and lemon juices act as antioxidant and its effects in circulatory system.diosmin improve our muscles tones and contraction of muscles and reduce chronic inflammation in blood vessels.

3) Hesperidin :- as hesperidine is bioactive compound found in lemon and lemon juices act as antioxidant and it is strength blood vessels and prevent from are atherosclerosis that is building up of fatty deposit inside your arteries.

4) D- limonene :- it is Bioactive product of lemon primarily found in peel of lemon and the main component of lemon is Essential oil and responsible for Lemon distict Aroma and it can relieve heart bum and stomach Reflux.

5) Ericitrin :- it is bioactive product of lemon and lemon juices and act as antioxidant and it is found in peel and juices of lemon and prevent from many disease related with heart, kidney, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Health benefits of lemon and lemon juice

Due to rich contents of Vitamin C and other nutritional value found in lemon and lemon juices it has several health benefits as follows

1) we know that there is a bad cholesterol present in our body , dietary fibre present in lemon and lemon juices decrease cholesterol level in blood and Essential oil lemon prevent from cancer. Show lemon juice containing vitamin C act as bad cholesterol remover.

2) prevention of kidney stone:- citric acid present in lemon and juices prevent from formation of stone inside kidney.

3) Heart health :- lemon and lemon juices are rich source of vitamin C which prevent from heart attack and stroke ,low level of Vitamin C increases the risk of heart attack due to overweight and high blood pressure.

4) anaemia prevention :- lemon and lemon juices have little amount of iron minerals that may not help in hemoglobin formation but due to rich content of Vitamin C it increases the rate of absorption of iron minerals from intestine from other iron rich food products so vitamin C present in lemon prevent from anaemia.

5) hesperidine and D limonene present in Lemon and Lemon juices prevent from cancer

Many of plant compound in lemon are not found in high amount in lemon juices so it is recommended to eat the whole fruit. You should take lemon water which is rich source of vitamin C which inhance immune system protect against various disease increased absorption of iron. But lemon have some adverse effect also it causes allergic reaction in some people like skin allergy with dermatitis and lemon juices are quite acidic so eating them frequently may be harmful to dental health so lemon is always pickup as lemon juice and mix with some other food item.

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