What vitamin in carrot and their nutritional value

Study of what vitamin in carrot and their nutritional value. hi guys in this article we know about what vitamin in carrot and their nutritional value. Carrots are good source of several vitamins and minerals especially vitamin A from beta carotene, biotin, vitamin K potassium and Vitamin B6 ,vitamin K, vitamin B12 , dietary fibre, carbohydrates, sugar and Minerals like Sodium ,Potassium ,Calcium and Iron.carrots are rich in beta carotene which is converted to vitamin A in body present in carrot that keeping healthy. Vitamin A is responsible for proper vision at night and it’s prevent from night blindness and keeping eyes and skin healthy.

What vitamin in carrot and their nutritional value

What vitamin in carrot and their nutritional value

What vitamin in carrot

People ask some time several types of questions here what vitamin in carrot, which vitamin in carrot, which vitamin present in carrot and in carrot which vitamin is present? All are similar questions and their answer is Carrots vitamin conten vitamin A , pyridoxine B6 and Vitamin K,vitamin B12,biotin and small amount of vitamin C.

Vitamin A helps in proper growth and normal skeletal development of body and it play an important role in maintaining proper vision also essential for healthy teeth structure it helps in maintenance of healthy glowing skin.

What vitamin in carrot and their nutritional value

What vitamin in carrot and their nutritional value

Vitamin K helps in blood clotting and Vitamin B6 benefits the central nervous system. it is involved in producing the neurotransmitter serotonin and norepinephrine and in forming myelin. it quite significant in Carbohydrate and fats metabolism and creation of red blood cells. Vitamin C in carrots helps our gums teeth and skin healthy. Vitamin C carrot present in very small amount.

And Vitamin B12 is responsible for metabolism of nervous tissues and it is necessary for formation of healthy blood and proper growth of body and it is essential for preventing the disease called Pernicious anaemia.

Biotin is also called as vitamin H found in carrots it is neither soluble in water nor in fats and our body needs Biotin to help convert certain nutrients into energy and it is also plays an important role in health of your hair skin and nails.

and Vitamin C act as antioxidant which keeps our body free from infection, fever ,swelling and prevent from damage of cells.

Carrot are very popular used root vegetables among the people and spread worldwide and popularly known as healthy food that keeps away from doctor. Nutritional content of carrots have high content of fibre high content of Vitamin A and Viamin B6 and Vitamin K vitamin B12 and biotin and have also less amount of Vitamin C.

Types of Antioxidant present in carrots

And carrot have also various types of antioxidant like lycopene, polyacetylene, beta carotene, alpha carotene and anthocynin. Carrots are present in various colour worldwide in yellow, white, Orange ,red and purple colour. Carrots are rich in beta carotene which is converted to vitamin A in the body. Orange carrot is very hi in beta carotene. And Alpha carotene act as antioxidant. Lutein is found in yellow and orange carrot which is responsible for making eye healthy. Lycopene found in bright red carrot act as antioxidant and decrease risk of cancer. Polyacetylene is bioactive substance found in carrot help to protect leukaemia and cancer cell. Anthocyanin act as antioxidant and found in dark coloured carrot.

Carrot have very low calorie count. study shows that eating carrot can have multiple benefit for your health. Important minerals like calcium,iron and potassium are also present in carrot like calcium helps in bone formation and potassium helps in muscles formation and and iron is main component of hemoglobin of red blood cell.

What vitamin in carrot and their nutritional value

What vitamin in carrot and their nutritional value

Carrot nutritional facts

Here the nutritional fact for one raw unpeeled medium size carrot are following

● calories — 41
● total fats — 0.4 grams
● carbohydrates — 9.6 grams
● sugar —— 4.7 grams
● dietary fiber — 2.8 grams
● protien — 0.9 grams
● calcium — 33 mili grams
● potassium — 320 miligram
● iron —– 0.30 mg
● vitamin — Vitamin A, vitamin B6 ,vitamin K and a small amount of vitamin C,biotin and B12. “Which vitamin present in carrot”? carrot are a rich source of vitamin A.

carrots vitamin Play an important role and vital function for the normal health growth and maintenance of body. Vitamins act as antioxidant in our body which fight against infection, fever and several harmful microorganism and prevent from damaging of cells. So vitamin of carrot boost our immune system and make it strong and healthy. Antioxidant substance that is obtained from nutrient value of eating carrot are antibacterial ,anticancer, antiviral and anti-inflammatory in nature.

Dietary fibre of carrot

Carrot are very rich in dietary fibre a single medium size carrot content about 2.8 gram of dietary fibre nutrient a person of fibre comes from insoluble and soluble fibre called pectin.soluble fibre is associated with numerous health benefits because it feeds the friendly bacteria in your gut, prevent from constipation and increasing digestion rate in your stomach and intestine.

Carbohydrate and sugar content in carrot

Carrot are mainly composed of carbohydrates, water and they are rich in sugar. Water content of carrot is about 88% and sugar content in carrot 4.7 gram per medium size of carrot and carbohydrate content in carrot is about 9.6 gram per medium size carrot. Carrot should be eaten regularly by person who are suffering from diabetes. Despite their high carbohydrate and sugar content their glycemic index is low. glycemic index is a measure of how food affects the rise in blood sugar level after eating. low value of glycemic index is associated with health benefits. due to their high fibre content and polyphenols carbohydrate carrot fruit have low glycemic index about 16 to 60. Carrot is important for person who are suffering from diabetes.

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Mineral content of carrot

Carrots vegetables have good amount of potassium calcium and Sodium and iron. Mineral calcium and phosphorus deposition helps in formation and growth of healthy bone and teeth and Calcium is also required for motility of sperm. Potassium and sodium helps in conduction of nerve impulses muscles formation and contraction and increase health of heart. The person who are eating carrot daily in regular diet they have no risk of heart attack. And iron forms important component of haemoglobin of red blood cells.

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