Vitamin C in guava and their health benefit

in this article we know about Vitamin C in guava and their health benefit. Guava is one of the popular fruit among the people due to rich source of vitamin C and several types of antioxidant bioactive compound present in it. Guava fruit is tropical trees originating in Central America and today is spread worldwide. Guava fruits and guava leaves both are eaten due to rich source of vitamin C. Leaf of guava is taken because of its medicinal value controlling and lowering blood pressure and important in diabetic person to control blood sugar level.

Vitamin C in guava and their health benefit

Vitamin C in guava and their health benefit

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Vitamin C in Guava

People want to know what amount of Vitamin C in guava fruit ,leaves and their juices. In guava tree Vitamin C is found in both guava fruits,gauva juice and guava leaf. Vitamin C in guava fruits supply about 230 milligram of Vitamin C per 100 gram of Guava. So Vitamin C content in guava juice is 230 milli gram per 100 gram of guava. And recommended dietary allowance for Vitamin C in our body is about 90 milligram per day. So eating one full size guava of 100 gram provide us about 200% Vitamin C requirement that is much sufficient for your daily Vitamin C requirement.

Vitamin C is a natural water soluble vitamin. ascorbic acid is stress reducing and act as antioxidant agent that function is fighting against bacterial infection,viral infection and help in detoxifying chemical reaction in our body and formation of collagen fibre, tissues, teeth ,bone and gums, connective tissues ,skin and capillaries healthy. Vitamin C cannot be produce by human beings and store so it must be obtained in daily diet.

Guava nutritional facts

Here the nutritional fact for one raw unpeeled medium size gauva are following according to per hundred gram of guava

● calories — 68
● total fats — 1 grams
● carbohydrates — 14 grams
● sugar —— 9 grams
● dietary fiber — 5 grams
● protien — 2.6 grams
● sodium — 2 mili grams
● potassium — 417 miligram
● magnesium —– 5% mg
● vitamin — one of the richest source of vitamin C “Which vitamin present in guava”? Gauva are a rich source of vitamin C.

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Guava health benefit

There is so many vital important function of eating guava and they provide health benefit and beneficial for people who are risk to heart disease blood pressure and diabetic

Vitamin C in guava and their health benefit

Vitamin C in guava and their health benefit

1) Vitamin C in guava leaves have medicinal value and certain study shows that eating guava leaves control blood sugar level and are more beneficial for person who are suffering from high blood sugar level or diabetic, so guava can improve blood sugar control

2) many scientist believe that high level of antioxidant and vitamin present in Guava fruits and leaves help protect from heart disease by removing free radical. higher level of potassium and soluble fibre improve heart health.

3) guava leaves are also used as herbal tea and leaf extract as supplement food. It lowering blood pressure and decrease bad cholesterol (LDL) inside body and increase rise in good cholesterol (HDL) by means it is prevent from high blood pressure related to bad cholesterol which are responsible for heart attack and stroke.

4) guava fruit have good amount of dietary fibre which help in good bowel movement and prevent from constipation in stomach

5) eating guava fruit and their leaves also may help relieving from painful symptoms of mence period in women like stomach cramp

6) due to rich amount of Vitamin C and antioxidant in Guava risk of infection or illness can be minimised and guava are fantastic way to get this nutrient and one of the richest food source of vitamin C.

summary :- Vitamin C in guava fruits, leaves and juice content 230 mg of vitamin C per 100 g of guava and guava nutritional facts and health benefits is good.

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