Vitamin A in pregnancy and food supplement and safety limits

hi guys in this article we know about vitamin A in pregnancy and their food supplement requirement. As we know Vitamin A is group of unsaturated nutritional organic compound containing fats that all includes retinol, retinal, retinoic acid and several Pro vitamins A caretanoids.

Vitamin A is fat soluble vitamin and they are present in food containing fats the body absorbs this vitamin as it does dietary fats that do not dissolve in water. Requirement of vitamin A pregnancy is increase due to embryo development inside uterus.

Vitamin A is key for good vision and visual health, it inhance immune system and their function and fetal growth development in side mother’s uterus and cell growth.

There are two types of vitamin A. Vitamin A have retinoids that comes from animal sources and beta-carotene that’s the second type of Vitamin A which comes from plant sources.

Vitamin A deficiency is a public health problem spread all over the world, particularly in developing and poor country of Africa and South-East Asia. It can affects visual impairment in the form of night blindness in children, and also Vitamin A deficiency which are very necessary for skin development and skin health may increase the risk of illness and death from childhood infections in children, including measles and by causing diarrhoea.

Vitamin A in pregnancy and food supplement requirement

Vitamin A in pregnancy and food supplement requirement

Vitamin A in pregnancy

Vitamin A in pregnancy is very important nutrient requirement for the fetal development inside uterus. And pregnant women need extra amount of Vitamin A as supplement for the fetal development inside uterus.

But pregnant women are more susceptible to vitamin A deficiency during all over gestation period and susceptibility inrease is at its highest during the third trimester of pregnancy and gestation due to accelerated fetal development and the physiological increase in blood volume during this gestation period.

vitamin A in pregnancy dose

According to recommended dietary allowance RDA vitamin A in pregnancy dose for normal women require about 700 microgram of Vitamin A per day. But in the case of pregnant women belongs to the age group below 19 year they require about 750 microgram per day and pregnant women above 19 years require about 770 microgram per day.

Vitamin A food supplement

And there is some study of research indicate t that low doses of vitamin A food supplements given to pregnant women on a daily or weekly basis. Extra dose of vitamin A supplement given from starting in the second or third trimester of foetus development, can reduce the severity of decline in maternal serum retinol levels during late pregnancy. By this means the symptoms of night blindness is relieving.

Vitamin A in pregnancy and food supplement requirement

Vitamin A in pregnancy and food supplement requirement

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So pregnant women should be encouraged to receive adequate nutrition during their gestation period, which is best achieved through of a healthy balanced diet by taking meat, poultry, fish, fruits ,vegetables and dairy products which have rich amount of vitamin A.

Vitamin A in pregnancy requirements and safety limits

As we have discuss earlier in this article that vitamin A in pregnancy required about 750 mcg to 770 mcg per day according to recommended dietary allowance.

But questions about the safety limits of intake of Vitamin A used in pregnancy. It is very complex and an unresolved issues and questions. even though it is recognised that vitamin A play important role in normal embryonic fetal development inside uterus. and the task of defining safe limit of Vitamin A intake during pregnancy has receive much attention since the discovery that Pharmaceutical agents and chemical like etretinate and isotretinoin which are similar as vitamin A and they are important potent tetratogens in humans. This finding promoted reassessment of safety of taking Vitamin A and consumption in human diet during pregnancy.

Vitamin A in pregnancy birth defects

High vitamin A intake teratogenesis have reported in several women. High amount of Vitamin A intake during pregnancy also may causes birth defects sometime it is known as retinoic acid syndrome.

Symptoms of retinoic acid syndrome is malformation of central nervous system ,craniofacial, cardiovascular and thymus. and similar abnormalities were observed in human when pregnancy occur during therapeutic treatment with retinoic acid.

Vitamin A in pregnancy and lactation

Pregnant women and breastfeeding women require good amount of Vitamin A for development of fetal inside uterus and development and maturation of their kids after birth.

According to recommended dietary allowance says that during pregnancy in women require 750 – 770 mcg of vitamin A but the women who are breastfeeding had require more amount in lactation period average dose is 1200 to 1300 mcg of vitamin A intake.

In breastfeeding women vitamin intake should be accelerated because of their breastfeeding to their kids for the development and growth and continuous supply of milk

Pregnancy vitamin

Vitamin is vital nutrients required for fetal development inside mother uterus. There is all types of vitamins required for development of foetus.

Pregnant women require Folic acid Vitamin D,vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, vitamin B complex content thymine, riboflavin, niacin and Vitamin B12 according to recommended dietary allowance are required pregnancy vitamin as following:-

● 400micrograms mcg of folic acid.
● 400 IU of vitamin D.
● 200 to 300 milligrams mg ofcalcium.
● 70 mg of vitamin C.
● 3 mg of thiamine.
● 2 mg of riboflavin.
● 20 mg of niacin.
● 6 mcg of vitamin B12.

Summary :- vitamin A in pregnancy and Vitamin A food supplement requirement necessary for fetal development and should take about 770 μg of vitamin A daily from balance diet.

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