How much Vitamin C in an orange ?, nutritional value

How much Vitamin C in an orange ?, nutritional value

Orange are popular among the people due to their natural sweetness and they are different types available in market and person can take orange juice or eaten as whole. There is wonder about how much Vitamin C in an orange ?, 1 medium sized Orange provide about 70 mg of Vitamin C which is 78% of daily volume of Vitamin C diet and Vitamin C in oranges is about 53 mg per 100 gram of orange.

As we know daily volume of Vitamin C in our body requirement is about 90 mg in adult or less in children and more about 120 mg during pregnancy and breastfeeding women.

Orange belongs to citrus fruit which are particular early known as Vitamin C content. Vitamin C is present in fruits and vegetables but mainly it is present in different types of citrus fruits and some others and orange is one of them fruit which has a rich source of vitamin C.

The orange is unknown in the wild state fruit is assumed to have originated in southern China, northeastern India, and perhaps southeastern Asia formerly known as Indochina. It was carried to the Mediterranean area possibly by Italian traders after 1450 or by Portuguese navigators around 1500. And cultivation of orange of different variety spread worldwide today.

How much Vitamin C in an orange ?, nutritional value

How much Vitamin C in an orange ?, nutritional value

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. The water soluble vitamins are a stored in much lesser amount in the cells, water soluble vitamins C must be supplied regularly in diet because they are really excreted in urine and cannot be stored in our body.

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So once we take high amount of eating many orange that is not sufficient for all coming days, their extra higher amount is excreted in urine, that is worst, so you have to take daily vitamin C for their overcome the requirement of daily volume of Vitamin C.

How much Vitamin C in an orange ?

That is remarkable questions for person who are health conscious and wants to know how much Vitamin C in orange ?, one full size of orange provide us about 75 mg of Vitamin C. And Vitamin C in orange juice is slightly less than if it is eaten as whole. 1 medium size Orange have 72 mg of Vitamin C. But when it is calculated per 100 gram of orange then Orange have about 53 milligram of Vitamin C per 100 gram.

Vitamin C is water soluble vitamin and it is necessary for keeping teeth, gums and joint healthy and it play an important role in normal metabolism of the amino acids, helps in healing of cuts and wounds and it give resistance to our body against disease and infection. It’s well known for being a potent antioxidant, as well as having positive effects on skin health and immune function. And it boost our immunity systems.

How much Vitamin C in an orange ?, nutritional value

How much Vitamin C in an orange ?, nutritional value

Vitamin C is also vital for collagen synthesis of skin, connective tissue, bones, teeth and your small blood vessels

The human body cannot produce or stored vitamin C due to its water soluble nature Therefore, it’s essential to consume it daily according to their requirement in sufficient amounts. The current daily value for vitamin C is 90 mg for adults and it is slightly less required in children and more required in pregnant women and breastfeeding women which is about 120 mg of Vitamin C daily value.

Deficiency symptoms of Vitamin C disease name of scurvy include bleeding gums, frequent bruising and infections, poor wound healing and anemia. Now we some talk about nutritional value for orange

Nutritional value for orange

Orange a type of low calorie, highly nutritious citrus fruit having no sodium content, no cholesterol, no proteins, no fats but it has rich source of vitamin C ,antioxidant and bioactive molecules.

Orange is highly nutritious fruits containing rich source of vitamins C along with vital nutrients. Nutritional value of orange consist of rich amount of vitamins C, vitamin A and B6, less amount of Carbohydrate and simple sugar. High content of dietary fibre ,it has less amount of fats and protein but contain all vitals minerals like calcium, magnesium ,zinc, Potassium and more bioactive and antioxidant compound.

Nutritional value in orange consist of following according to average 2000 calorie diet nutritional value of orange per 100 gram and there orange nutritional value is following:-

● calories —-47
● total fats—- 0.1 gram
● sodium — 0 milligram
● potassium —– 181 milligram
● carbohydrate —12 gram
● sugar —- 9 gram
● dietary fibre — 2.4 gram
● protein —— 0.9 gram
● calcium ——-4%
● Vitamin C ——–88%
● cholesterol — 0 mg
● Vitamin B6 —– 5%
● vitamin A —- 4%

Carbohydrates present in orange juices

Orange juices is also source of carbohydrate and it containing about 12 gram of Carbohydrate and 9 gram of simple sugar like glucose ,fructose and sucrose. That’s why orange juices have slightly sour -sweet taste.

Dietary fibre in orange or orange juices

Orange juice is mainly consists of soluble dietary fibre formed of pectin material soluble in water. Orange juice contain 2.4 gram amount of dietary fibre per hundred gram. Dietary fibre present in orange juice helps in lowering blood sugar level, increasing metabolism rate and digestion and main function it is act as releasing constipation in stomach so orange juice is known as pressure remover from stomach due to constipation.

Orange juice benefit is that it is rich source of vitamin C and it’s provide about 78% of Vitamin C Daily. Process of pasteurization destroy the vitamin C content in orange juices so you should take fresh juices homemade which have rich amount of Vitamin C and we know that Vitamin C is responsible for our healthy immune system healthy teeth and gum and skins.

Orange juice benefit is that it has phytochemical compound which act as cancer cell killer that’s why it’s also prevent from cancer.

phytochemical compound present in orange juices act as antiviral which stop the growth and multiplication of virus inside our cells. By means it prevent from viral disease that’s why it is known as antiviral in nature

Orange benefit is that it has rich source of potassium and no sodium which helps in lowering blood pressure and heart related disease

antioxidant present in orange juices act as anti inflammatory and reduce oxidation stress and damage of cells and prevent from Alzheimer’s disease and and help in gaining good memory and learning.

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