How many teeth does a dog have ? And dental formula

How many teeth does a dog have ?

Dogs are important to humans in all kinds of ways and work. The connection between the two goes back thousands of years. Rearing of dog as pet animal in world is today common for human beings.

Just like human little kids, puppies teeth start and emerge out with temporary teeth and it eventually fall out to make way for their adult teeth. A long time ago, wolves would trail along after humans on hunting trips and eat any scraps they could find. Eventually these wolves evolved into dogs that helped protect the hunters and gatherers.

Human beings wants to know how many teeth does a dog have? Because it is friends for human, so its Dental Care is require and we should know about what is dentition in dog. There is 28 number of deciduous teeth in puppies it is also called as milk teeth and in our human kid their number is only 20 of milk teeth. And adult dog have 42 number of permanent teeth.

How many teeth does a dog have ?

How many teeth does a dog have ?

And dog health is important for us and have you ever wondered exactly how many teeth does a dog have? People rearing this animal as pet animal and their puppy is very lovely and human kid play with them. So today dog and their puppy is friend for human beings.

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Ever since then, dogs have had all kinds of jobs. They work on farms where they guard the land and also round up livestock like sheep and cows. Dogs also provide humans with company. Just petting a dog can create a real physical change in the human body.

How many teeth does a dog have ?

Actually dog is put in the category as omnivorous animal they take the source of food from plants and animals. And there is 28 deciduous or milk teeth present in puppies and 42 number of teeth in adult dog.

Dog teeth help in cutting, puncturing, holding, shearing, chewing and grinding of food. There is razor like teeth in puppies and puppy need extra help to chew at this stage because their jaws are not as strong as those of adult dogs. sharp teeth make easy to chew when they begin eating more solid food from plants and animals.

How many teeth does a dog have ?

How many teeth does a dog have ?

In puppies teeth which begin to appear two weeks after birth are usually completed growing it in 8 to 10 weeks later. First emerging teeth is in incissor and later on canine follow by premolar and these all teeth are known as milk teeth or deciduous teeth because it germinate again after fall out.

Dogs lose their first teeth vary from quickly due to their Rapid maturation and growth. Incissor fall out first four months of age and canine teeth fall out 5-6 month of age and then the pre molar will come in in 5 to 8 months in adult dogs. So puppies have 28 number of deciduous teeth and adult dog have 42 number of teeth.

Dentination in dogs and Dental formula

In dogs number of teeth varies in different shape and size and number. Therefore number and kinds of teeth in dog can be represented by a sort of equation which is known as dental formula. And there is to half of each job in dog is different.

And those of the upper and lower jaws are separated by a horizontal line, kinds of teeth are denoted by their initial letter i, c, pm and m representing in incissor, canines, premolars and molars respectively. Number of teeth shown in the formula multiply by 2 gives the total number of teeth in dog. in typical dog dentition includes 42 permanent teeth which are shown by the dental formula as follow

i 3/3, c 1/1, pm 4/4, m 2/3 .

To simplify further it is customary to omit the initial letter so that the same formula in dog dentination and their dental formula can be written as = 42 teeth in adult dog. It means upper jaws have 20 number of teeth and lower job have 22 number of teeth in adult dogs.

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Four types of teeth in dog

There is four types of teeth in dog incissors, canine, premolar and molar As human beings.

1) incissors: Incisor present in dogs are the front teeth Born By The premaxillae in upper jaw and tip of dentaries in lower jaw. And there is 12 number of incissor present in adult dog, 6 number of Incisor in upper jaw and six number of Incisor in lower jaw.

Incissors in dogs are single rooted, monocuspid and along, curve and sharp edge like razor. And they are adapted for seizing cutting and biting and chewing, mostly in puppies they chew own food with the help of Incisor.

2) canines: in dog a single canine tooth occurs in each half of each jaw just outside the incisors. upper canines are the first teeth on maxillae. canine generally are elongated, single rooted and which conical sharp with monocuspid crown.

And there are four number of canine present in adult dog 2 in upper jow and 2 in lower jaw. it is used for holding food and puppy, piercing, tearing and offence and defence. Canine in adult dog used for puncturing and hold onto something material.

3) premolars: in adult dog canines are followed by premolar and which are followed by molar teeth. Both types are collectively known as cheek teeth. Their crown have broad surface with ridges and tubercles meant for crushing, grinding and chewing.

Pre molar teeth of dogs usually have two roots and 2 cusps and are represented in milk dentition. Actually dog is omnivorous animal they can feed meat also so last premolar in upper jaw have very sharp cusps for cracking bones and shearing tendons.

And there is 16 number of premolar teeth in adult dog 8 number of teeth present in upper jaw and 8 number of teeth present in lower jaw.

4) molar: there is heavy duty, flat shape molar teeth present in adult dog used for chewing and grinding of food. There is an unequal number of molar present in upper jaw and lower jaw in adult dog. There is total 10 teeth of molar present in adult dog 4 teeth in upper jaw and 6 teeth in lower jaw.

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