vitamins soluble in fat : vit A, vit D, vit E and vit K

vitamins soluble in fat : vit A, vit D, vit E and vit K

Hi guys in this article we know about is vitamins soluble in fat or water soluble : vit A, vit D, vit E, and vit K. As we know vitamins are organic compound which cannot be produced by the body and must be supplied in a small amounts in diet to perform specific biological functions for the normal health growth and maintenance of body.

These vitamins are essential to us for the proper functioning of the different organs. Vitamins are chemically different from the main nutrients fats carbohydrates and proteins.

And the absence and deficiency of Vitamin causes specific disease and may be multiple deficiency caused by lack of more than one vitamin are common in human beings. this condition of Vitamin deficiency known as avitaminosis.

Types of vitamins

Vitamin soluble in fat and water are generally classified into two broad types based on their solubility. Some vitamins like A, E and K are soluble in fats that’s why it is known as fats soluble vitamin. And some vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex soluble in water known as water soluble vitamin. And vitamin H is neutral vitamin. vitamin H neither soluble in fat or water.

vitamins soluble in fat : vit A, vit D, vit E and vit K

vitamins soluble in fat : vit A, vit D, vit E and vit K

Vitamins soluble in fat

Fats soluble vitamins are those vitamins soluble in fat are known as fat soluble vitamins. for example vitamin A, D, E, and K are vitamins soluble in fat. And this fat soluble vitamins are not soluble in water.

liver cells are rich in fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A and Vitamin D. this group of hydrophobic liquid fat soluble vitamins are not obsorbed in body unless fat digestion and absorption proceeds normally.

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Vitamins soluble in fat ,their deficiency can cause malobservative disease. excess intake of these vitamins may causes disease known as hypervitaminosis

Let us now discuss vitamins soluble in fat in detail about vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and Vitamin K.

vitamin A retinol

the chemical name of Vitamin A is retinol. it is fat soluble vitamine it is also called bright eye vitamin.

And its function is it helps in proper growth and normal is skeletal development of body. it plays an important role in maintaining proper vision. it is also is essential for healthy teeth structure. it helps in the maintenance of healthy glowing soft skin.

And source of vitamin A is butter, liver, carrot, spinach,ghee, kidney, yellow pumpkin, mustard leaves, whole milk, fish oil particularly Shark liver oil, liver of freshwater fish ,tomatoes, coriander leaves, curd ,mangoes, egg, cheese and papaya.

vitamin D calciferol

chemical name is calciferol. it is a fat soluble vitamin. it is formed in the skin under the action of Sunlight.

And its function is it keeps the bones and teeth healthy. it helps in utilisation of calcium and phosphorus. And provide strength to ligament of our body.

And source of vitamin D is cod liver oil, butter, milk ,egg yolk, ghee,cheese, fish and exposure to sunlight provides a cheap method of Production of Vitamin D in the body itself and deficiency of vitamin D causes rickets in children and osteomalacia in adult having weak bones and softening of bone and pain.

Vitamin K phylloquinone

The chemical name of vitamin K is phylloquinone. it is fat soluble vitamin it is also known as blood coagulation vitamin.

Vitamin K function is it helps in clotting of blood and prevent hemorrhage and and their deficiency causes increases blood clotting time. source of vitamin K is cereals and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin E tocopherol

The chemical name of vitamin E is tocopherol. it is a fat soluble vitamins.

And it function of vitamin E is it play an important role in production of Vitamin A and ascorbic acid. it is necessary for normal reproduction and protection of the liver.

And source of vitamin E is vegetable oil, milk, tomato, dark green leafy vegetables, eggs, kidney, whole grain, cereals, nuts and liver and deficiency of Vitamin E causes loss of sexual power of reproduction.

Water soluble vitamins 

the vitamins which are soluble in water are called water soluble vitamins for example Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C. the water soluble vitamins are stored in much less amount in cells.

water soluble vitamin must be supplied regularly in diet because they are readily excreted in urine and cannot store in our body except vitamin B12. So Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex are vitamin not soluble in fat.

Vitamin H biotin

Vitamin H is known as biotin. Vitamin H is only one vitamin that is neither soluble in fat or water and source of vitamin H is yeast, liver ,kidney and milk and their deficiency of vitamin H causes dermatitis, depression, loss of hair and paralysis.

summary :- vitamins soluble in fat are vit A, vit D, vit E and vit K And Vit C and Vit B complex like B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12 are water soluble vitamin and biotin vitamin neither soluble in fat or water

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