Vaginal itching and vagina with yeast infection

Vaginal itching and vagina with yeast infection

in this article you know about vaginal itching and vagina with yeast infection. Vaginal itching is an uncomfortable ,burning sensation and painful symptom located in external genitalia of vagina that is vulva ,inside genital tract ,cervix of vagina and uterus that often occurs due to irritating substance used, several type of infection, menopause, sexual intercourse, bacterial infection, vaginal yeast infection fungal infection and some types of immune based disease and skin base disease.

Vaginal itching

Vaginal itching is uncomfortable , abnormal condition ,burning sensation,some times development of red rashes and white patches over external genitalia of vagina of female that is vulva, foul smelling dull grey discharge, strong fishy odor particulately after sex,feel to urge sensation of scratch over that organ is vaginal itching.

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Vaginal itchy it may also occur sometime result of skin disorder, sexually transmitted disease ,in more cases vaginal itching might developed due to stress or vulvar cancer.

most vaginal itch is not cause for concern over you. should contact your doctor or gynecologist in your area if the vaginal itchy is over or if you are suspect . Gynecologist doctor can determine the cause of your vaginal itching through examination and testing and they will also be able to recommend appropriate treatments for this uncomfortable system by several types of creams, ointment, tablets like antibiotics antifungal and anti parasite tablets providing oestrogen tablets in the case of menopause.

Causes of vaginal infection

There are various types of causes of vaginal infection. People ask what causes vaginal infection? vaginal infection can have several types of causes, if you develop vaginal infection you should contact your gynecologist doctor.

Vaginal infection is type of infection in which we feel burning sensation uncomfortable and sometime painful condition in genital tract of vagina it is caused due to bacterial attack fungal attack use of antibiotics ,vaginal yeast infection ,menopause and other. Causes of vaginal itching is following:-

use of irritating substance and chemical:- exposing the genital organ female like vagina irritating chemical substance can cause vaginal itching. These Chemicals are known as irritating substance which trigger an allergic reaction that creates in vaginal ichy, rashes are developer over various part of body including vagina that causes burning sensation inside the vagina.

Common chemical irritating substance is

1) use of soap and detergent for cleaning the vagina

2)taking of Bubbles bath

3) use of feminine sprays, topical contraceptives cream ointments, fabric softerness and scented toilet paper

4) wearing of tight clothing

5) use of spermicides inside the vagina to kill the sperm or prevent from pregnancy during the sexual intercourse with male partner

6) doing of Douching that is cleaning inside of vagina with water.douching is not necessary for woman and repeat it causes infection

7) wearing of tight nylon underwear

8) use of latex condoms, lubricant, perfume and talcum powder

Vagina with yeast infection

Vaginal yeast infection is naturally caused by fungus called candida. This fungus candida is naturally present in vagina which is usually do not cause any problem yeast infection in vagina.

However candida can cause yeast infection in side vagina change in Environmental condition allows it to grow out of control and unchecked. It causes uncomfortable vaginal infection result infection is known as vaginal yeast infection.

Vaginal yeast infection is very common condition affecting 3 out of 4 women in India and all over the world in their lifetime.

Vaginal yeast infection often occurs taking a course of antibiotics and their types of medication can destroy good bacteria inside the vagina along with the bad bacteria .the good bacteria are needed to keep yeast growth in check inside the vagina.

the overgrowth of yast in the vagina can result in uncomfortable system ,vaginal itching ,burning and foul smell grey lumpy discharge. Symptoms of vaginal yeast infection is following:-

1) vaginal yeast infection causes pain inside the vagina during sexual intercourse with male partner

2) vaginal yeast infection causes uncomfortable symptoms, discomfort ,pain and burning sensation when urination

3) discharge of abnormal thick,foul smell grey white fluid outside from the vagina. The women suffering from vaginal yeast infection that’s have seen yellow spot in their underwear garments.

Vaginal itching caused due to skin disease

Some skin disease like Eczema and psoriasis cane couch redness and itching in genital region. Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis is rash that primary occurs in people suffering with asthma and allergy.the rash is reddish in colour and ichy with a scaly texture. It may spread to the vagina in some women suffering from Eczema.

And psoriasis is common skin disease that causes scaly, red patches to form a long the scalp and joint and it sometimes outbreak of these symptoms can occur on the the genital organ of female that is vagina as well.

Vaginal itching caused due to bacterial vaginosis

As we know vaginal Flora are the bacteria that live inside the vagina. the normal vaginal Flora are dominated by various types of beneficial bacteria like lactobacillus specie.

lactobacillus bacteria help to keep the vagina healthy by producing lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide and other substance that inhibit the growth of yeast and prevent from yeast infection and other unwanted organism.

they maintain the vagina at healthy pH of around 4 this is mild acidic environment helps to protect against vaginal infection.

The Hallmark of bacterial vaginosis is disruption of normal vaginal flora and loss of lactobacillus bacteria this can not only the unpleasant in at of itself it can also leave women more succeptible to HIV infection and other sexually transmission infection.

bacterial vaginosis is caused by overgrowth of bacteria that normally exist at low level in the vagina when the lactobacillus population is disturb then bacteria take over.

The bacteria associated with bacterial vaginosis make a number of volatile material like amines. these chemical are what causes distinctive order associated with bacterial vaginosis this order tend to be more present after sex this is because the amine become is smellier at the higher pH associated to semen.

Symptoms caused due to bacterial vaginosis is vaginal infection, vaginal itching and abnormal , foul smelling discharge, the discharge may be thin and dull grey white.

Vagina infection caused due to sexually transmitted disease

Numerous type of sexually transmitted disease commonly known as STDs is transmitted during unprotected sexual intercourse with male partner and causes vaginal itching in the vagina and aadar additional symptoms like include abnormal growth ,green or yellow vaginal discharge while urination. The common sexually transmitted disease which causes vaginal infection and vaginal itching are following

1) Chlamydia

2) genital warts

3) Gonorrhea

4) genital herpes

5) trichomoniasis

Vaginal itching caused due to menopause

Woman who are going through Menopause after 50 years and who have already done so there are more at risk for vaginal itching this is due to the reduction of oestrogen Level inside vagina that occurs during Menopause which leads to vaginal atrophy and dryness.

this is the thinning of mucosa layer of genital trac that can leads to excessive dryness. the dry skin causes itching and irritation if you do not get treatment for it .

Vaginal ichy caused due to stress

Women who are suffering from physical and emotional stress can cause vaginal ichy and irritation this is not very common causes for vaginal infection getting it might occurs when stress weakens your immune system and leaving you more prone to infection that causes vaginal itching.

Vulvar itching meaning

Vulvar itching is uncomfortable and painful condition found in external genitalia of women that vulva which is more risk to bacterial attack and causes bacterial vaginosis. Person suffering from vulvar itching can lose sleep at night.

According to the centres for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) bacterial vaginosis is the most common vaginal infection in women between age of 15 and 44 years.

Bacteria are naturally present in the vagina but a overgrowth can lead to bacterial vaginosis this infection is more common among people who are sexually active. Symptoms of vulvar itching

1) women suffering from fever itching causes pain, itching and burning

2) burning urination

3) white or grey vaginal discharge

4) itching of vulva

5) a strong fishy odor particularly after sex

Vaginal itching caused during pregnancy

Vaginal itching is also caused during pregnancy the most common Reason for vaginal itching normal change to vaginal pH level due to release of several types of oestrogen progesterone placental hormone during the pregnancy period that make imbalance the pH level of vagina causes itching.

Remedy and control of vaginal itching

Women who are suffering from vaginal itching should consult gynecologist doctor in your area. doctor would test and examination and their causative agent of your vaginal itching and they should provide cream oinment, tablet, antibiotics, antifungal antiparasitic and providing oestrogen tablets in the case of menopause, in the case of vaginal yeast infection they provide antifungal medication,

in case of bacterial vaginosis they should provide antibiotics tablets and cream insert into vagina and several type of causative agent of vaginal itching that is sexually transmitted disease is controlled by regularly and avoid sexual intercourse with your partner during the infection period and use of antibiotics.

Remedy for vaginal infection

There are several remedy for prevention from vaginal infection

1) when we fill vaginal itch we should take soda bath

2) make paste of baking soda and water in apply the paste to area that is itches in vaginal region

3) sexual intercourse may help due to lowering the ph level of vagina when it is mixed with high pH of semen

4) using of cold compress can help relief from itching

How you can prevent from vaginal infection

There are several ways to prevent from vaginal infection are following

1) practice good hygiene keep

2) the external genitalia clean and dry

3) always wipe from front to back after a bowel movement to protect bacteria from entering the vagina

4) don’t use vaginal douching that is cleanness inside vagina with water that is bad practice

5) use only pregnance free soap detergent and laundry and Fabric softener

6) practice good hand washing habits

7) wearing cloth that is not tight or binding is specially in scratch area near vagina

8) wear white cotton undergarments in vaginal area and not using nylon pantis that decrease the air flow through vagina area

9) use bath soap for sensitive skin.

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