How sperm count increases and boost male fertility

How sperm count increases and boost male fertility. hi guys in this article with know about how sperm count increases and boost male fertility. Adequate sperm count is necessary for the pregnancy to give birth to new baby.

if person suffering from low sperm count which affects its fertility and couples do not get success in pregnancy either doing 1 year unprotective sexual intercourse.

How sperm count increases

Infertility is today a big problem spread worldwide and about one people from out of 6 people suffering from this problem today due to their occupational busy life. Infertility is defined as not being able to get pregnant despite having frequent unprotected sex for at least one year for most couples, infertility may result from an issue with either you or your partner or combination of factor that prevent pregnancy.

the cause of infertility may be difficult determined but main includes in low sperm count in male that is known as oligospermia and may adequate levels of certains hormone in both man and women and trouble with ovulation in women. So in this article we know about how to increase sperm count and boost male fertility.

Sperm count increases by doing exercise ,taking adequate amount of rest, taking good nutritional food and use of alcoholic beverage for drinking, tobacco chewing ,tobacco smoking, using harmful drugs should be avoided.

How sperm count increases and boost male fertility

How sperm count increases and boost male fertility

Causes of infertility in men

Main cause of infertility in men is lower sperm count that is reduce number of sperm count that is less than 15 Million per ml of semen. Low sperm count in male is known as oligospermia.

Other factors also may have responsible for infertility in men are azospermia that is is extremely low count of motile sperm, failure of testes to descend into the scrotal sac and psychological problem like fear anxiety or guilt sense of sexual act and ignorance of sexual technique, local disease like hydrocele, scrotal hernia phimosis(elongted prefuce), orchitis (Inflammation of testicles), variocele ( swelling of spermatid cord) are main reason of male infertility.

What is a sperm analysis and report

sperm analysis is finding test of sperm count that is also known as sperm count test Sperm count test will be done to find out sperm quality, sperm number, sperm concentration, sperm motility and shape of sperm.

So sperm analysis help in better way to find out it’s your sperm count either it is low or adequate. Adequate sperm count necessary for pregnancy.

Sperm analysis is done by collecting sperm of suspected peoples who consulted doctor. Semen collected from person should be remain at body temperature and analysis has been done in sperm test kit before 30 minutes when it is ejaculated outside from body for good analysis reports of sperm.for better analysis of sperm of individual three or four times sperm test has been done for finding out its problem.

Semen are collected for sperm analysis by the process masturbation, sex with condom, sex with withdrawl before ejaculation.masturbation is considered and preferred best way to get a fresh sample.

What is semen or seminal fluids

Combination of seminal fluid along with the sperms is called as semen or seminal fluid. Seminal fluid maintain the viability and motility of sperm provides proper pH approx 7.5 and ionic strength are sperms forms about 10% of volume of semen.

Secretion of seminal vesicles forms about 60% of semen and it is mainly formed of fructose,citrate several protein and prostatlandans which activate the spermatozoa and stimulate vaginal contraction to help in fusion of gametes.

And prostatic secretion forms about 30% of semen activate the sperms provide nutrition to sperm and neutralize the acidity of urine which may kill the sperm their secretion contents lipid a small amount of citric acid bicarbonate ion and few enzymes.

And secretion of Cowper’s gland is mucus like substance that lubricates the penis for friction less movement of penis during copulation. So of secretion of all accessory sex glands is called seminal plasma.

And seminal plasma mix with sperm form semen aur seminal fluid. So semen constituent presence of citric acid, phosphatase, calcium, Sodium, Potassium, protein splitting enzyme and fibrolysin along with sperm.

What is sperm count

Quantity and volume of a sperm present in seminal fluid is known as sperm count.sperm is about 10% volume of seminal fluid. Semen of normal healthy man content 15 million to 200 million of sperm per ml of seminal fluid per ejaculation this is known as normal sperm count.

If semen of person are less than 15 Million of sperm cells per ml of seminal fluid per ejaculation this is known as lower sperm count.

Low sperm count is known as oligospermia which effects pregnancy. Although we know that only one sperm cells and only one egg cell is required for fertilization that’s why low sperm count affects its pregnancy. Their answer is such as follow seminal fluid content as many as 200 million to 300 million sperm this in reaching of number of sperm to the ovum as many sperms are killed by the acidity of female genital tract and many as per engulf by the phagocytes of vaginal epithelium so that only about 100 sperm reach the fallopian tube.

the sperm swim in the seminal fluid by lashing movement of their tail @ 1 to 4 mm per minute. the sperms swim towards the uterus and it is added by aspiratory action of uterus and peristaltic movements of the fallopian tube.

And lower sperm count it affects the number of sperm in seminal fluid its shape and also its motility.How sperm count increases and boost male fertility

How boost male fertility

If you and your partner are trying to conceive new child and you may be looking for how to increase sperm count to improve your chance of getting pregnant a healthy sperm count is necessary for fertility.

Healthy sperm count is more than 20 millions of sperm per ml of seminal fluid per ejaculation. You should increase your sperm count and Boost Your male fertility by doing exercise ,taking adequate amount of rest, taking good nutritional food and use of alcoholic beverage for drinking, tobacco chewing ,tobacco smoking, using harmful drugs should be avoided.

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How to increase sperm count

There are 8 best method and it is quite significant to increase sperm count and build your healthy sperm count.

1) obesity should be avoided. Obesity is overweight of person. The person suffering from obesity often see that there is a low sperm count which affects its for increasing sperm count you should lose your overweight. Losing weight quite significantly increase sperm count number of sperm, its concentration, its mobility and good shape of sperm structure and health of sperm. you should try to achieve higher body mass index and you should consult doctor for your daily routine diet when we practices for losing overweight. Higher the body mass index higher the sperm count

2) doing exercise stay safe and active that boost your sperm count. Different types of games playing badminton, footballs, hockey crickets ,tennis ball ,running ,jumping morning walk and Weightlifting and outdoor exercise should be good for increasing healthy sperm count. Sum of medication like Yoga today which are very popular worldwide also help in gaining good sperm count.

3) take your vitamins diet

You should take balance diet containing adequate amount of Carbohydrates, proteins and rich in vitamins and minerals. many types of fruits and vegetables are are fulfilled this requirements of vitamins and minerals. Intake of adequate amount of Vitamin C, D and E are very essential for increasing sperm number,sperm concentration and its mobility. Vitamin D provides us calcium in our body and Calcium ,Sodium, Potassium and Minerals are very necessary for the motility of sperm. Vitamin C and Vitamin act as antioxidant which increase our nerve and muscles contraction and prevent from damaging cells. So taking of Vitamin C D and E in adequate amount it that enhance your male fertility and increase your sperm count.

4) avoid substance abuse

Drinking of alcoholic beverage, tobacco chewing and smoking taking of harmful drugs should be avoided. This substance increases your sperm count in your body. And its effects maturation of sperm inside scrotal sac, its formation, number of sperm, concentration of sperm,shape of sperm and motility of sperm. so taking of this type of substance abuse strictily should be avoided when you want to increase your sperm count

5) you should try to live in pollution free environment, environment pollutant like gases small particles, solvent molecules, metal ,pesticides ,insecticides,smog and harmful radiation like ultraviolet rays and global warming indirectly affects to the body and effects of sperm formation maturation and its motility which leads to decrease the sperm count. So when you want to increase your sperm count and Boost Your male fertility then you should try to live in pollution free environment and greenery environment surrounding.

6) some of other factors like doing excessive bicycling and biking also affects the sperm count so you should avoid doing excessive bicycling and biking.

7) you should wearing good undergarment made of cotton materials and avoid to use nylon base undergarments. Cotton made and loose undergarments provide proper air flow inside for maintaining the scrotum temperature.

8) and also we should avoid to use tight undergarments and clothing that prevents air flow inside it and make problem for temperature maintaining of scrotum of testis.

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