Fill in the blanks questions in biology for class 12th

Fill in the blanks questions in biology for class 12th -CBSE-JAC exams

Hi guys in this article we know about fill in the blanks questions in biology for class 12th of various state board examination Jharkhand Board Bihar board

■ lesson -1 reproduction in organism

■introduction :- students might be busy in your preparation for coming CBSE ,12th board Jharkhand academic Council exams and other state board exam will provide many type of education material like fill in the blanks, true or false , matching type questions ,multiple choice questions, very short questions answers type, short questions answer type and long questions type of 12th class Biology from each topic that help you in your preparation.Fill in the blanks question sample-1 biology.

Fill in the blanks questions Sample-1 in biology for class 12th -CBSE-JAC exams

Fill in the blanks question sample in biology

■ in this post:- in this post we learn and practice about fill in the blanks question sample-1in biology for class 12th from the lesson 1 reproduction in organism.

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two option is given ,you should select correct option for fill in the blanks. And reply your answer in comment box.

Fill in the blanks question in biology

1) life span of human beings __________and life span of crocodile is__________

(60-80years, 60 years)

2) clones are fromed______________ and offspring are formed________________

(Sexual reproduction ,asexual reproduction)

3) asexual reproduction is__________ and bisexual reproduction is_______________

(Uniparental ,biparental)

4) in asexual reproduction cell division is______________ and bisexual reproduction cell division is________________

( meiosis, mitosis)

5) irregular binary fission is found in _____________________and longitudinal binary fission is found in__________________

(Euglena, Amoeba)

6) external budding is found in________________ and internal budding is found in___________________

(Spongilla, hydra)

7) types of vegetative propagation cutting is found in____________________ and grafting is found in____________________

( mango , sugarcane)

8) the types of vegetative propagation layering is found in______________ and tissue culture is found in_________________

(Jasmine, Dahlia)

9) regeneration is found in __________and spore formation is found in___________

( Rhizopus , Planaria)

10) development of sweet potato by______ and development of potato Tuber by_______

( stem, root)

11) formation of zoospore in _________and formation of conidia in____________

( ulothrix, penicillium)

12) vegetative propagation in banana is ____________and Doob grass is__________

(Runner, rhizomes)

13) heterothallic in fungi is _____________condition and homothallic is_____________condition

( unisexual , bisexual)

14) earthworm are_________ animals and cockroach are ___________ animals

( unisexual ,bisexual)

15) a plant having both male and female flowers are termed as_____________ and when male and female flowers are present on different plant is_______________________

( dioecious ,monoecious)

16) male flower is ______________and female flower is_______________

(Pistilate flower, staminate flower)

17) microgametes is___________and megagametes is_________________

(Ovum, sperm)

18) oestrous cycle is found in _____________and menstrual cycle in______

(Primates, non primates)

19) frog is_____________while human female is____________________

(Ovoparous ,viviparous)

20) testies lie in ________________and ovaries lie in________________

( abdomen, scrotal sac)

21) sperm___________and egg_________

(Ovary, testes)

22) types of fertilization found in frog__________ and in human beings is_______

( internal fertilization ,external fertilization)

23) mango is______________and apple is______

(True fruit, false fruit)

24) similar gametes is____________and different gametes is_______________

(Anisogamy, isogamy)

25) primary sex organ in female is_______and in male is_______________

(Ovary ,testes)

■ fill in the blanks answer sheet

1) 60 to 80 years, 60 years

2) Asexual Reproduction, sexual reproduction

3) uniparental ,biparental

4) mitosis ,meiosis

5) amoeba ,euglena

6) Hydra, spongilla

7) sugarcane, mango

8) Jasmine, Dahlia

9) planaria ,Rhizopus

10) root, stem

11) ulothrix, Penicillium

12) rhizome ,Runner

13) unisexual, bisexual

14) bisexual ,unisexual

15) monoecious, dioecious

16) staminate flower ,pistillate flower

17) sperm, ovum

18) non- primates ,primates

19) ovoparous, viviparous

20) scrotal sac, abdomen

21) testes, ovary

22) external fertilization, internal fertilization

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23) true fruits, false fruit

24) isogamy ,anisogamy

25) ovary, testes

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