True or false question sample in Biology for 12th exam

true or false sample question in Biology for class 12th -CBSE -JAC exam

Hi guys in this article we know about true or false sample question in Biology for class 12th for various board examination

◆ lesson -1 reproduction in organism

■introduction :- students might be busy in your preparation for coming CBSE ,12th board Jharkhand academic Council exams and other state board exam will provide many type of education material like fill in the blanks, true or false question samples 1 in biology for class 12th, matching type questions ,multiple choice questions, very short questions answers type, short questions answer type and long questions type of 12th class Biology from each topic that help you in your preparation and true or false question sample 1 in Biology for class 12th

true or false sample question in Biology for class 12th

true or false sample question in Biology for class 12th

the post:- this post is about true or false question sample -1 in Biology for class 12th from the lesson 1 reproduction in organism

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true or false questions sample in biology

■ for the following statements write “T” for true and “F” for false statements:-

1) the fusion of two haploid gametes produced blastocyst. ( )

2) the Amoeba is called as Immortal because it does not undergo natural death.( )

3) the buds are unicellular in yeast but are multicellular in hydra. ( )

4) the papaya plant is dioecious. ( )

5) man has restorative regeneration power and Hydra has only reparative regeneration power. ( )

6) in euglena divided by longitudinal binary fission. ( )

7) meiosis is takes place in asexual reproduction. ( )

8) parrot have lifespan of 140 years.( )

9) the ovary ripens to form fruits.( )

10) after pollination Pollen Grain reach stem tip for fertilization.( )

11) the fusion of germ cells leads to the formation of male gametes. ( )

12) rhizopus is also called bread mould.( )

13) spirogyra is green on unbranch filamentous algae. ( )

14) different types of minerals and carbohydrates lead to the formation to different body design. ( )

15) vegetative propagation by leaf takes place in rose.

16) animals giving birth to young ones are viviparous. ( )

17) synagamy means fusion of two similar gametes. ( )

18) the process of release of egg from the ovary is called reproduction. ( )

19) during favourable conditions Amoeba reproduces by binary fission.( )

20) menstrual cycle is 30 days.( )

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Ans. 1) false 2) true 3) true 4) true 5) false 6) true 7) false 8) true 9) true 10) false
11) false 12) true 13) true 14) false 15) false 16) true 17) true 18) false 19) true 20) false.

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